Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling


Concrete Cutting

Interior Electric and Hydraulic Sawing

Exterior Gas and Diesel Sawing

  • Flat Sawing (Slab Sawing)
  • Wall Sawing
  • Hand Sawing
  • Asphalt Cutting
  • Diamond Chain Sawing

Specializing in both interior and exterior concrete cutting services. Our team is experienced within occupied spaces and utilize containment and dust mitigation systems in accordance with OSHA regulations. We recognize that every project is unique and we pride ourselves on being aware and accommodating to our clients needs. 


Core Drilling (Concrete Coring)

 Typical Applications: 

  • Installation of plumbing, pipework, conduit and electrical lines.
  • Used to acquire concrete core samples for testing.


Bollard Construction and Repair

We install or repair existing concrete bollars to protect and preserve your building structures.

Typical Applications:

  • Parking lot construction, renovations
  • Building re-purposing
  • Loading dock repair or modification